The Boost Up Mode of Fleeing the Complex Game

The series games of Henry Stickman made by Puffballs United include: Infiltrating the Airship, Stealing the Diamond, Escaping The Prison, Breaking the Bank and Fleeing the Complex.

Play Fleeing the complex games
Henry and Ellie in Fleeing the Complex game

The 5th game in this series – Fleeing the Complex game was released on November 12th, 2015, the latest but the best one. The game is briefly introduced that: Henry Stickman is a prisoner in the complex named The Wall – the world’s most secret and secure prison. These lives the most cunning criminals from around the world. Stickman doesn’t want to stay here for long time. He’s planning to “Flee the Complex”. He has 4 options to go on: Charge Tackle – Henry will attack Gregory; Play Dead – Stickman will pretend to died, Wait for Transfer: Stickman will wait for transfering to another cell and escape on the moving path; and Boost Up: Stickman will reach the ceiling’s hatch with the help of Ellie – his always partner.

In this short article, the author will introduce only the Boost Up option. If you choose Boost Up, Henry will reach the ceiling’s hatch with the help of the prisoner Ellie. “Boost Up” will lead players to 2 Endings. First, Henry signals the prisoner to his left, Ellie boost him up to the hatch above. After Henry manages to get up through some struggle, he uses a rock to smash his handcuffs. Next, bring Ellie or not, leading to 2 diferent endings.

Bring Ellie: Henry Stickman will lowers the ladder for Ellie to climb up. The couple continue the runaway together. There are 2 guards preventing them. There are 4 options: Distract, Henry dance to distract them but the guards like the dance and join with them. This is FAIL; Tall Guy: Ellie and Henry use trendscoat to make a tall guy but the guard know it. That’s FAIL; Bounce Bros: this is FAIL because Ellie fall down on after Henry boost her up; Synchronized Takedown: Henry and Ellie strangles the 2 guards . This makes a process step. They go to a door but the opening button is on the other side. Henry want to enter the room, he must choose the right option between: GraviTor 2.0, Judo Throw and the Force. A Force Choke will lift Henry up. Henry enter the room but there’s a mistake, he make a massive outbreak. That create the chaos. Ellie and Henry flee together but they continue be stopped but the guards.

The way to flee the complex is still long. Let’s enjoy the game at

See the walkthrough here:


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