Stealing the Diamond game: Can You Break the Record of 1’01”

Stealing the Diamond is a funny game made by Puffballs United from the series of Stickman: Fleeing the Complex,  Stealing the Diamond and Breaking the Bank. Although they were launched for at least 5 years, a rather long time for the lifetime of flash games especially in the recent time when there are thousand of new games released every day, the games are still big challenge of a lot of people. The most popular flash games such as make up, make over, dress up, cooking, skill, sport, racing, animal, swimming or hidden object.. just take players a short time and little effort to win the games. It’s easy and help them attract a lot of people to enjoy but it also make people get bored with such easy things.

Stealing the Diamond Game

Stealing the Diamond game is completely different from them. The game may be described shortly as to help the Stickman to steal the Tunisian diamond and escape the museum. Bank robbery is a great adventure, and escaping from prison is satisfying, but the best friend of stickman is diamond. There are multiple choice options in every chapter of the game and play must use them perfectly to steal the diamond. If you’re wrong, you’ll “FAIL” and have chance to retry.

Is there anyone that don’t love the world’s biggest diamond? Certainly most of people in the world can’t pay for it because it costs million dollars – worth a big fortune. And spend money to have it is not a funny, especially to the supper robber like stickman.

Play Stealing the Diamond game as the role of Stickman, you are equipped with Jumble Hoppers, Anti-Gravity Cap, Shrink Ray, Pick, Teleporter, Liquidificator and a lot of difference tools, weapons given during the game. Your task is to use your technology perfectly and with any problem to take the jewel. Let’s start the game right now at

Stickman Stealing the diamond
Stickman Steal the Diamond Game

How long it take you to win the game? My record is 1 minute and 01 second, see the video. Do you think you can break my record?


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