A10 Games Offers Special Version of Angry Bird for Valentines Day

Angry Bird Video game was first developed in December 2009 by Rovio Mobile Ltd but at the present, it truly is impossible to calculate the number of it version. They are not simply developed by Rovio Mobile Ltd as the original one. Other flash games suppliers and inventors are impressed from the angry birds to make a lot of types and variations. Angry bird which can be the best selling game in a couple of recent years, at the moment are all over the place. The application is all you’ll need once you are looking for a factor to stretch the brain and kill the clock. Not just PC or laptop but in addition portable devices such as smart phone, Ipad, tablet might be utilised to enjoy it. They are obtainable for Apple Iphone App and Android smart phone. Gamer even could not need to have an quite high-priced cellular phone to appreciate it, only a medium one can operate nicely on this. Go to A10 games for the full collection of Angry Bird games, especially the Special version for Valentine’s day.

A10 games angry bird
A10 games – Angry Bird Valentine’s day 


Originally, Angry bird was an game of Apple Iphone Application Store but its popularity grows rapidly and expand to application store of other smart gadgets, by way of example Android. twelve million apple apps was sold that tends to make it the top selling mobile application ever. There are even the social network, discussion board and internet sites of the Angry bird followers and lovers to share the suggestions, approaches and also to display the new record. This makes Angry Bird far more well-known all over the place.

This can be not mindless and violent like shooting or action flash games but require logic, extreme concentration and method. The birds are genuinely angry with their foes, the green pigs who took eggs of the birds and hinder the birds a lot of times. Gamers will take the revenge by kicking the green pig butt and attack the pig’s fortified castle. Since the green pigs don’t give up the valuable eggs quickly, gamers who take the role of the angry bird need to get pleasure from a hundred and twenty distinct revenge levels.

A10 games

This is about the basic version of Angry Birds, you’ll find numerous variants from the games which can be influenced by some other factors. By way of example, these Angry Bird edition for Valentine’s Day was supplied by A10. The goal of taking pictures is beautiful female birds. Like other video games, it truly is more and more challenge right after every single level. The 1st three level is easy for brand new barbie. The foes – green pig appear from chapter 2, a very huge one avoid the Angry Bird in the aiming the target. As soon as this huge green pig appears, the player should restart the chapter to continue. The only method to avoid this foe is perform rapidly and catch the target at the beginning of level.


The Boost Up Mode of Fleeing the Complex Game

The series games of Henry Stickman made by Puffballs United include: Infiltrating the Airship, Stealing the Diamond, Escaping The Prison, Breaking the Bank and Fleeing the Complex.

Play Fleeing the complex games
Henry and Ellie in Fleeing the Complex game

The 5th game in this series – Fleeing the Complex game was released on November 12th, 2015, the latest but the best one. The game is briefly introduced that: Henry Stickman is a prisoner in the complex named The Wall – the world’s most secret and secure prison. These lives the most cunning criminals from around the world. Stickman doesn’t want to stay here for long time. He’s planning to “Flee the Complex”. He has 4 options to go on: Charge Tackle – Henry will attack Gregory; Play Dead – Stickman will pretend to died, Wait for Transfer: Stickman will wait for transfering to another cell and escape on the moving path; and Boost Up: Stickman will reach the ceiling’s hatch with the help of Ellie – his always partner.

In this short article, the author will introduce only the Boost Up option. If you choose Boost Up, Henry will reach the ceiling’s hatch with the help of the prisoner Ellie. “Boost Up” will lead players to 2 Endings. First, Henry signals the prisoner to his left, Ellie boost him up to the hatch above. After Henry manages to get up through some struggle, he uses a rock to smash his handcuffs. Next, bring Ellie or not, leading to 2 diferent endings.

Bring Ellie: Henry Stickman will lowers the ladder for Ellie to climb up. The couple continue the runaway together. There are 2 guards preventing them. There are 4 options: Distract, Henry dance to distract them but the guards like the dance and join with them. This is FAIL; Tall Guy: Ellie and Henry use trendscoat to make a tall guy but the guard know it. That’s FAIL; Bounce Bros: this is FAIL because Ellie fall down on after Henry boost her up; Synchronized Takedown: Henry and Ellie strangles the 2 guards . This makes a process step. They go to a door but the opening button is on the other side. Henry want to enter the room, he must choose the right option between: GraviTor 2.0, Judo Throw and the Force. A Force Choke will lift Henry up. Henry enter the room but there’s a mistake, he make a massive outbreak. That create the chaos. Ellie and Henry flee together but they continue be stopped but the guards.

The way to flee the complex is still long. Let’s enjoy the game at http://www.game37.net/play_games/fleeing_the_complex

See the walkthrough here:

Stealing the Diamond game: Can You Break the Record of 1’01”

Stealing the Diamond is a funny game made by Puffballs United from the series of Stickman: Fleeing the Complex,  Stealing the Diamond and Breaking the Bank. Although they were launched for at least 5 years, a rather long time for the lifetime of flash games especially in the recent time when there are thousand of new games released every day, the games are still big challenge of a lot of people. The most popular flash games such as make up, make over, dress up, cooking, skill, sport, racing, animal, swimming or hidden object.. just take players a short time and little effort to win the games. It’s easy and help them attract a lot of people to enjoy but it also make people get bored with such easy things.

Stealing the Diamond Game

Stealing the Diamond game is completely different from them. The game may be described shortly as to help the Stickman to steal the Tunisian diamond and escape the museum. Bank robbery is a great adventure, and escaping from prison is satisfying, but the best friend of stickman is diamond. There are multiple choice options in every chapter of the game and play must use them perfectly to steal the diamond. If you’re wrong, you’ll “FAIL” and have chance to retry.

Is there anyone that don’t love the world’s biggest diamond? Certainly most of people in the world can’t pay for it because it costs million dollars – worth a big fortune. And spend money to have it is not a funny, especially to the supper robber like stickman.

Play Stealing the Diamond game as the role of Stickman, you are equipped with Jumble Hoppers, Anti-Gravity Cap, Shrink Ray, Pick, Teleporter, Liquidificator and a lot of difference tools, weapons given during the game. Your task is to use your technology perfectly and with any problem to take the jewel. Let’s start the game right now at http://www.game37.net/play_games/stealing_the_diamond

Stickman Stealing the diamond
Stickman Steal the Diamond Game

How long it take you to win the game? My record is 1 minute and 01 second, see the video. Do you think you can break my record?